Apr 27, 2012

First Baby Update

Because my brain is at a minimally functioning level due to the typical sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby, I am going to just break down the last week in sections. : )

The Delivery
As C-sections go, I was told this was as textbook as it could have been.  I am so glad for this because I was truly nervous and did not want to have a second C-section, but knew it was the safest avenue for myself.  I also prayed a lot that if this is what the Lord wanted then for Him to just let it happen.  I know nothing is impossible with Him so if he wanted me to delivery naturally He would have provided away, but I accept what has happened and am totally fine with it.  
     I ended up making it to my scheduled C-section date, April 17th, which I was surprised about.  I was so glad to have my regular doctor perform the surgery this time, since last time I went early and had a different doctor.  I ended up carrying Atticus for 39 weeks and 1 day, plenty full term and he came out looking that way too at 8 lbs & 22" long.  

He is doing extremely well and sleeping fantastically and hardly fusses at all. He did have a little bit of jaundice, which is disappearing and also a bit of a hip click, which comes and goes.  We'll just need to keep an eye on those two things until they go away.  He had his first doctor's appointment last week and our pediatrician said he looked great and was surprised he already was back to his birth weight in just one week, where according to our doctor it usually takes at least two weeks.  This was surprising because he had lost 10% of his weight instead of the typical 5%.

Atticus was born to nurse.  We had our fair share of small issues that we had to painfully nurse through, but he and I are doing much better.  At one point though it hurt so bad I questioned whether or not I could continue, but I knew I wanted to.  With the help our some lactation nurses I got the hang of things again. 

Since I am nursing, Atticus needs to eat every 2-3 hours.  This means he needs to eat 2-3 hours from the time he began nursing last, and with each nursing session taking 40 minutes, that only leaves about 1-2 hours to sleep at a time, making it difficult to not feel absolutely zombie-ish when waking to feed again.  I know this will pass.  Things could be worse so I am truly thankful for the sleep I am getting.  I usually try to take a nap when Judah naps, since he sleeps about 2-3 hours for his one nap now and I can usually squeeze in about an hour after I feed the baby.

I am obviously tired and sore from the surgery, but I really can't complain.  I have a few other areas of healing like my hand from an IV that went in wrong and my shoulder from a shot.  Other things to deal with are night sweats and emotions due to hormone levels changing.  But, otherwise feeling pretty good and feeling well fed, thanks to my family and church family.  We're very grateful.

Everything Else
Judah is adjusting extremely well to Atticus and loves his brother so much.  He is always trying to "share" and kiss him, especially right on the lips, it is so cute.
     The house is still in the works.  It seems as though we will definitely get it, but it is still in the Lord's hands because until we close, anything can happen.  We will close May 31st, hopefully.  
     Timm will return to work next week and I'll have my Dad helping me for the next two weeks.  I am so thankful for that.  
     I just wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me thus far with food, gifts, and visits as well as those who have given an encouraging or kind word.  I am so thankful and can clearly see how God is working through all this despite my small understanding of His great abilities and love.

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