Apr 15, 2012

Pregnancy Week 39

39 weeks pregnant

Here I am, 2 hours away from being 39 weeks pregnant! And just 36 hours away from being admitted to the hospital to have my second sweet baby boy. I am so happy I have made it this far, but am ready for the pregnancy to be over at the same time.  There have been so many times where I was like "Is this the night?" because I have had so many irregular contractions. Its all been so uncertain yet surreal.  I am quite honestly not looking forward to the recovery, but it is par for the course when you have a c-section.  My preferrable choice?  Of course not! But it is the least dangerous choice in my particular circumstance and I would just like people to respect that.
     Anyway, I have definitely felt a spurt of energy this evening preparing 5 baked potatoes, 4 chicken cutlets, and 12 blueberry muffins and not even for me!  I am preparing some food for my Dad, who has so lovingly and graciously decided to help us out while I am in the hospital by watching Judah.  I love him so much.  Tomorrow I also have planned to make a chicken pot pie, banana bread, and 3 dozen pancakes.  I will probably freeze some of these things, but I just kind of wish I had this energy a little sooner and not at the last minute : )  At least its getting done.  Tomorrow also on the agenda is some last minute food shopping, signing some mortgage papers (ahh! yay!), and prepping for the surgery.
     Almost there....!

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  1. You are looking lovely! We are thinking of you and praying that all goes well.

    Recovery is a drag but at least you have support all around you (and a loving husband to do six weeks worth of vacuuming) :)